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Life stories

Peter lives with intellectual disabilities. He lives in a closed facility and needs care 24/7. With the help of a new program set up by TheClassMoves and care organisation Cello, Peter is now able to excercise on a weekly basis. Together with his caregiver Moniek, he discovers his body little steps at a time.

Mark started to study physical education when he was 18. He always had loved to move. He remembers his schooltime as a great challenge to sit still for so long. He gratefully participated in class over activities during his schooltime, In this way it was prevented that he needed the ritalin drug to sit quiet.  As a college student he asked for a student ace at fysio educatief to support he evaluation studies of the effect of the Class Moves. He will do what he can to get every child and teacher acces to all keywords and all possible movements to get inspired enough to keep moving through all life stages of life.

Fatima and Lena are best buddies... Video coming soon.

Moving moments. Moving stories!

Moving can make all the difference for a child! By moving, Children get in touch with themselves and with others. This page shows some inspiring examples of how moving changed the live of a child.